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Make Your Christmas A ILLO XMAS!
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Make Your Christmas A ILLO XMAS!

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If you’re looking for colourful, playful and handmade Christmas presents, Illo’s temporary online shop could be the answer.

The ILLO XMAS mini market is a fun studio project created by (check it out on, open until December 18th, where Illoers have been free to play with their most iconic colours and shapes, to create their own version of some classic xmas objects: wish cards, decorations, candles and recipes. The result is something that you could totally find in one of their videos or illustrations.

Each product is made in their unique Illo style: express your creativity with colourful wish cards, brighten up your Xmas tree with geometric decorations, perfume your house with three different scented candles and challenge yourself with eight fun recipes from all over the world, following the origins of every member of the studio.

The very graphic website offers a clear and fun view of the four xmas creations, changing colour based on selected object.

From the website you can easily buy one or more products and decide if you want receive them at home or pick them up at their studio in via Magenta 3, Turin, where Illo set up a real life storefront.

Illo is a design studio with focus on motion design, illustration and set design. They aim for a minimal and colourful aesthetic and clear storytelling. The studio also has a tech division named that creates real-time, data-driven videos at scale, starting from tailored design templates.

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