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Celestial Cities | David Fleck
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Celestial Cities | David Fleck

Celestial Cities is a print series by David Fleck, an illustrator who is “interested in the potential crossover between art, architecture, people and our cities”.  The 9 sets of limited edition wood block prints, which are Fleck’s newest Kickstarter project, will be printed by hand and are inspired by the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The idea originally came to the artist after reading Italo Calvino’s book Invisible Cities, which also inspired his architecture degree, a solo exhibition, and some limited edition screen prints.

CelestialCities_feeldesain_01 CelestialCities_feeldesain_02 CelestialCities_feeldesain_03 CelestialCities_feeldesain_04 CelestialCities_feeldesain_05 CelestialCities_feeldesain_06 CelestialCities_feeldesain_07 CelestialCities_feeldesain_08 CelestialCities_feeldesain_09 CelestialCities_feeldesain_10 CelestialCities_feeldesain_11 CelestialCities_feeldesain_12 CelestialCities_feeldesain_13 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA CelestialCities_feeldesain_15 CelestialCities_feeldesain_16

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