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Caricachairs | 56th Studio
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Caricachairs | 56th Studio

Thai design firm 56th Studio‘s Caricature as Furniture series is a set of chairs which use minimal illustration to take exaggerated, distinctive features of various pop culture icons (can you spot the Simpsons?) and turns them into furniture. The chairs are kitsch and quirky and definitely inject fun into any space, as well as blurring the line between graphics and furniture. Just like caricatures, the collection is “graphically sarcastic”, and totally unique. Check out their site to see more fun designs.

Caricachair_feeldesain_01 Caricachair_feeldesain_02 Caricachair_feeldesain_03 Caricachair_feeldesain_04 Caricachair_feeldesain_05 Caricachair_feeldesain_06 Caricachair_feeldesain_07a Caricachair_feeldesain_07b Caricachair_feeldesain_08 Caricachair_feeldesain_09 Caricachair_feeldesain_10 Caricachair_feeldesain_11 Caricachair_feeldesain_12 Caricachair_feeldesain_13

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