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Stunning Branding And Packaging Design For Syrup Company
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The Syrup Company is a Copenhagen-based beverage brand. Sweet Sneak Studio was commissioned to create new branding and packaging design.

The Syrup Company takes pride in its well-composed flavor creations, handcrafted in Copenhagen and produced with carefully sourced, natural and „real“ ingredients.

Sweet Sneak Studio is a creative food studio based in Copenhagen, working with content creation, branding and communication design in the food and gastronomy industry.

Copenhagen-based studio gave to The Syrup Company bold and sophisticated elegance. Like being the most talented syrup makers of the city. For the branding and packaging design Sweet Sneak Studio therefore chose a concept, that consists of strong and bold colours, simplicity and sophisticated flavor descriptions.

The concept: Strong and bold colours, simplicity and sophisticated flavor descriptions.

The branding represents The Syrup Company’s approach: only fresh, natural ingredients make it into the bottles and the sophisticated flavor combinations have enticing names like “Passionfruit & Milky Oolong Te”, “Grapefruit, Mint & Hibiscus” or “Rhubarb, Rosa Pepper, Hibiscus & Rose Flower Water”. Watch out, Copenhagen, for those talented syrup makers!

Photography: Morten Bentzon

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