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Mauricio Alejo Has Collected For 16 Years Everyday Objects Inserted In Unusual Contexts
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Mexican photographer Mauricio Alejo has collected for 16 years images of everyday objects inserted in unusual contexts. Even the simplest and the most obvious thing can change if decontextualized and deprived of its main characteristics. As a matter of fact, the aim was to transform objects into something different, disturbing and unnatural for the viewer.

For 16 years, Mauricio Alejo has photographed everyday objects with the aim of transforming them into something different, disturbing and unnatural for the viewer.

Using the apartments in which he has lived as a background to his work, the pictures he takes are a collection of his personal memories that cast doubt on dogmatic opinions on space and meaning by creating unusual narratives with objects that are not fascinating but that become interesting in their randomness and absurdity.

“I hope to bring the items into a new narrative which doesn’t obey their functionality”, said the photographer Mauricio Alejo.

He currently lives and works in New York City and has received multiple awards and grants, including the New York Foundation for the Arts grant in 2008. Mauricio Alejo’s work has been shown at CCA Wattis Institute of Contemporary Arts in San Francisco; Museo Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid and The 8th Havana Biennial among other venues.

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