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BLOCKS cat playhouse | Poopy Cat
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BLOCKS cat playhouse | Poopy Cat

This is the playhouse that your cats and kitties are dreaming of!

Amsterdam based brand Poopy Cat has recently closed with success its Kickstarter campaign for BLOCKS, a fun and healthy modular toy for cats, that everyone can build by clicking various cardboard elements together.  These eco-friendly cabins feature tunnels, beams, bridges, ramps and cubes that you can easily customize. Let your creativity be your guide and your cat the judge in this epic building adventure!

blocks_feeldesain_01 blocks_feeldesain_02 blocks_feeldesain_03 blocks_feeldesain_04 blocks_feeldesain_05 blocks_feeldesain_06 blocks_feeldesain_07 blocks_feeldesain_08 blocks_feeldesain_09 blocks_feeldesain_10 blocks_feeldesain_11

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