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Beautiful Plexiglass House
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Beautiful Plexiglass House

Beautiful Plexiglass House

Kolonihavehus is an outdoor sculpture (12 x 12 x 14 feet) consisting of a thousand pieces of found plexiglass. It was built in collaboration between New York based artist Tom Fruin and CoReact. The installation is located in the open riverfront plaza of the Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen, Denmark. The installation largely resembles the form of a simple house clad in a vibrant and complex skin of plexiglass squares and steel framing, offering a visual and lighting effect close to a stained glass window. Kolonihavehus is fully constructed from hand-cut, and hand-welded steel picture frames which have been arranged to hold a single piece of found plexiglass. All plexiglass pieces range in size from 2×2 inches to 24×36 inches. The frames are welded into 35 individual panels so that all the pieces can be bolted together to wrap around the metal structure. A single pivot mounted door,  and several operable windows complete the 14 foot tall house. Kolonihavehus is brought to life by daily performances by Copenhagen-based CoreAct headed by Anika Barkan and Helene Kvint. The performances included poetry of the Danish Vagn Steen, Computer-controlled light sequences by Nuno Neto and a sound installation by Astrid Lomholt.The following photos are breathtaking! Enjoy!






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