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Baea, sustainable homeware
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The nature-inspired company Baea is unveiling its debut collection of contemporary homeware. The brand’s unique mindset and ethos are set to challenge the boundaries of sustainable textile design.

Looking to the natural world for both design inspiration and materials, the founder Adah Chan believes that tranquility can be achieved by bringing elements of nature to indoor life.

Heritage and contemporaneity

Her grandfather ran a textile manufacturing company and her mother is the entrepreneurial force behind Hong Kong’s leading homeware boutique. It was here that Adah learned to value the skills and traditions of excellent artisanship and to see that making things which last is at the core of sustainability.

“I wanted to combine my mother’s eye for good design and her commitment to quality to create something that also looks to the future and is mindful of its impact,” says Chan. “For me, that is Baea.”

To realize this vision, she partnered with British textile designer Catherine Reeves, whose personal values and artistic ideas are also rooted in the natural world.

Let nature in

Respect for the planet is the heart of the project. In fact, objects are made with the finest organic materials and the packaging is biodegradable. Everything in the collection is sustainable, even the duvet cover buttons (that are made from corozo, derived from the nut of the Tagua palm tree).

Baea’s homewares are seasonless. Everything is built to last, incorporating the philosophy of living slowly and the importance of durability. The perspective is traditionalist, the realization is contemporary.

The pattern also reflects the grace and simplicity of nature.

A new balance

“Design is central to Baea. It’s a way to tell a story and create a product that has meaning. Growing up among textiles and bedding has given me the confidence to innovate and think freely in terms of contemporary design. And it’s meant we can have fun with it — after all, we bring the wild to the bed! Traditionally, bedding has been very symmetrical but, for example, when we looked at rocks we were inspired by the way they occur in nature, so we took a chance and created a detail that moved organically — asymmetrically — across the bedding. With the designs inspired by grasses, it was the minutia — the infinite subtle differences — that informed the variations in the embroidery on the finished product.”

Part of being sustainable is making things that last, so the brand has decided to rely on the knowledge and tradition of master craftsmen. They partner with expert communities in Italy, Portugal, Mexico, and the Philippines.

The bed linen is spun, dyed and woven in Italy and Portugal, and then embroidered at Baea’s partner atelier in the Philippines. The cushions and throws are made in collaboration with Madda Studio, a design studio and atelier in Mexico that creates handcrafted textiles.

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