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Astana World EXPO 2017 | AS+GG
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Astana World EXPO 2017 | AS+GG

EXPO 2017 split into two phases, the 174 ha project will feature exhibition and cultural pavilions; a residential development; service areas including shopping, socio-cultural, educational and civic facilities; parks; and parking.

The theme for the upcoming Expo in Astana is “Future Energy.” The theme is aimed at finding ways to achieve qualitative changes in the energy sector, primarily for the development of alternative sources of energy and new ways of transportation. Finding sustainable energy supplies is a critical and growing global concern. The solution to these concerns ensures economic growth and improved social standards while reducing the burden on the environment.

AS+GG’s design for EXPO-2017 will embrace the Future Energy concept by becoming the first Third Industrial Revolution city, where energy consumed by the Expo community will be provided from renewable sources. Buildings will become generators of power and their energy will be stored using innovative technologies while being distributed by a smart grid. The Expo community will provide infrastructure to encourage and support the use of vehicles that use renewable fuels.












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