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Puzzle Facade | Javier Lloret
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Puzzle Facade | Javier Lloret

Javier Lloret, a masters student at Interface Culture at Universität für Künstlerische und Industrielle Gestaltung Linz in Austria, may have actually one-upped the reigning speed champion, but in grandiosity, rather than dexterity.  For his thesis project, Lloret designed Puzzle Facade, which transformed the Ars Electronica office in Austria into an illuminated, giant Rubik’s cube. The designer is bringing the experience of solving the notorious puzzle to an urban space, turning part of the cityscape into an interactive game in the process.

Coded in OpenFrameworks, Puzzle Facade uses an interface-cube that holds electronic components to keep track of rotation and orientation. Then, the information is sent via Bluetooth to a computer that implements software to change the lights and color of the building facade in correlation to the handheld, interface cube.



Puzzle Facade from Javier Lloret on Vimeo.






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