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Art Meets Mathematics | David Whyte
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Art Meets Mathematics | David Whyte

In 2011, Dublin-based physics student David Whyte began a Tumblr called Bees & Bombs where he posted humorous images and quirky GIFs of his own creation, borrowing heavily from videos and pop culture icons. One day he decided to start playing with Processing, a popular open source programming language designed to help create images, animation, and various computer interactions. His background in mathematics and physics greatly enhanced his understanding of motion and geometry and it wasn’t long before he was churning out some of the most popular animations shared on Tumblr.

Whyte’s minimalistic use of shapes and color places an increased emphasis on motion, and leaves one somewhat dumbstruck at how he conceives of each image. In a somewhat rare move he happens to be quite open about his methods and frequently posts source code and tips to help other artists. See much more of his work on Bees & Bombs.

Art_Meets_Mathematics_1 Art_Meets_Mathematics_2 Art_Meets_Mathematics_3 Art_Meets_Mathematics_4 Art_Meets_Mathematics_5 Art_Meets_Mathematics_6 Art_Meets_Mathematics_7 Art_Meets_Mathematics_8 Art_Meets_Mathematics_9


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