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AirSelfie | smallest flying camera
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AirSelfie | smallest flying camera

Pocket-Sized Flying Camera Takes Aerial Selfies, Fits Snugly In Smartphone Case

A new portable flying camera is taking selfies to new heights, literally. The ‘AirSelfie’ is a compact airborne gadget created to help people break free of smartphone limitations when it comes to what they can do with videos and photos.

‘AirSelfie’ is lightweight at 52 grams and can hover for up to three minutes within a 20-meter radius. It’s controlled via the ‘AirSelfie’ app and works with both iOS as well as Android. The cam recharges within 30 minutes when it is placed back inside the case.

Learn more about ‘AirSelfie’ in the video below and support it on Kickstarter.

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