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McDonald’s Hot Drinks Packaging | StudioJQ
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McDonald’s Hot Drinks Packaging | StudioJQ

British design studio STUDIOJQ has come up with this bright and minimal branding concept for a new (and currently only imaginary) line of hot chocolate drinks for fast food giant McDonald’s. The concept involves playing with the iconic colours, shapes and taglines of famous British chocolates in order to create an abstract series of cups, using Toblerone’s classic triangle shape, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk’s easily identifiable shade of purple, and the green and brown bubbles of Mint Aero, amongst many others. Check out their ideas in the images below, or click here to see more.

McDonaldsDrinks_feeldesain_01 McDonaldsDrinks_feeldesain_02 McDonaldsDrinks_feeldesain_03 McDonaldsDrinks_feeldesain_04 McDonaldsDrinks_feeldesain_05 McDonaldsDrinks_feeldesain_06 McDonaldsDrinks_feeldesain_07 McDonaldsDrinks_feeldesain_08 McDonaldsDrinks_feeldesain_09 McDonaldsDrinks_feeldesain_10 McDonaldsDrinks_feeldesain_11 McDonaldsDrinks_feeldesain_12 McDonaldsDrinks_feeldesain_13 McDonaldsDrinks_feeldesain_14 McDonaldsDrinks_feeldesain_15 McDonaldsDrinks_feeldesain_16 McDonaldsDrinks_feeldesain_17 McDonaldsDrinks_feeldesain_18 McDonaldsDrinks_feeldesain_19 McDonaldsDrinks_feeldesain_20 McDonaldsDrinks_feeldesain_21 McDonaldsDrinks_feeldesain_22

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