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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 81: Oman
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 81: Oman

Oman is one of the driest places on Earth – a great challenge for sustainable and safe food production. Oman’s pavilion particularly focuses on its strong tradition of water resource management – something crucial to the country’s survival. The Middle-Eastern state shows visitors how it has managed to develop agriculture, largely thanks to the “Aflaj”, an ancient irrigation system, now recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The pavilion looks like a fortress and castle built in a style reminiscent of traditional local architecture with lancet windows and inlaid grilles. Inside, four areas within the pavilion represent water, oases, the sea and hospitality and traditions, while the garden is divided into three spaces, representing sun, sea, and sand – these aspects together perfectly represent Oman. On top of the pavilion is one of Expo’s most beautiful terraces, where guests can relax, eat and drink. There is even a juice bar if you were looking for something extra refreshing. Visitors can also taste specialities such as honey, dates, and even camel’s milk, as well as traditional Omani dishes.

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