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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 7: Japan
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 7: Japan

The Japanese pavilion highlights the Asian nation’s balanced, healthy and sustainable diet and is held within a structure designed by Atsushi Kitagawara. As you may expect, Japan’s offering at the Milan Expo includes plenty of tradition mixed with amazing technology, and features creative, interactive exhibits by some of the country’s best-known names in design, such as Teamlab and Nendo. Japan focuses on “Edutainment”, or education through entertainment in their pavilion, making the experience fun but also interesting for visitors. Japan also hopes, through their Expo efforts, to promote tourism and business, which fell noticeably after the 2011 earthquake. The pavilion itself represents a fusion between tradition and modernity, echoing the structure of a traditional house in Kyoto and using bamboo and wood, but also featuring glass and a minimal aesthetic which represents a more modern Japan.


See a seleciton of photos of Japan’s pavilion below, and join us tomorrow for pavilion #8…

ExpoJapan_feeldesain_01 ExpoJapan_feeldesain_02 ExpoJapan_feeldesain_03 ExpoJapan_feeldesain_04 ExpoJapan_feeldesain_05 ExpoJapan_feeldesain_06 ExpoJapan_feeldesain_07

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