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A Milan Expo Pavilion Every Day | Day 68: Morocco
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A Milan Expo Pavilion Every Day | Day 68: Morocco

The Moroccan pavilion has been made to look like a traditional Berber Kasbah, typical of some parts of the country. The structure is made from wood and clay, and its earthy tones give visitors a feel for the North African country before they even step inside. Morocco aimed to give visitors a journey through the senses, allowing them to see, taste, touch, hear and smell the various aspects of Morocco. Taste is particularly important, especially in the take-away restaurant which serves delicious, traditional Moroccan cuisine. Each of the various areas of the country are explored within the pavilion, which celebrates the diversity from one end of Morocco to the other and shows the variety of local products and biodiversity of each region. There’s also a focus on Morocco’s water management systems, environmental preservation, and production techniques. Five gardens represent the diverse ecology of the country, and visitors end their journey in a concept store, where they can buy some of the things Morocco is famous for, like saffron, argan oil, and spices, as well as beautiful handicrafts.

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