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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 61: The Coffee Cluster
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 61: The Coffee Cluster

If you’re looking for the countries of Burundi, El Salvador, Ethiopia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Yemen, or Timor-Leste at Milan Expo, you’ll find them inside the Coffee Cluster, a space curated by Caffè Illy, EXPO’s coffee partner and the Università Commerciale “Luigi Bocconi”. Taking inspiration from tropical coffee plantations, the pavilion gives the illusion of being in a real forest thanks to ever changing light conditions and warm, natural colours and shows visitors the journey of coffee from bean to cup, as well as telling stories of creativity, art and culture around the subject of coffee.

ExpoCoffeeCluste4r_feeldesain_01 ExpoCoffeeCluste4r_feeldesain_02 ExpoCoffeeCluste4r_feeldesain_03 ExpoCoffeeCluste4r_feeldesain_04 ExpoCoffeeCluste4r_feeldesain_05 ExpoCoffeeCluste4r_feeldesain_06 ExpoCoffeeCluste4r_feeldesain_07 ExpoCoffeeCluste4r_feeldesain_08 ExpoCoffeeCluste4r_feeldesain_09 ExpoCoffeeCluste4r_feeldesain_10 ExpoCoffeeCluste4r_feeldesain_11 ExpoCoffeeCluste4r_feeldesain_12 ExpoCoffeeCluste4r_feeldesain_13 ExpoCoffeeCluste4r_feeldesain_14 ExpoCoffeeCluste4r_feeldesain_15

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