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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 62: Lithuania
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 62: Lithuania

Two identical cubes and a series of interconnecting walkways make up Lithuania’s pavilion at Milan Expo. The main focus of the architects, JAS, was on balance between every aspect of the design – old and new, tradition and innovation, theory and practice – in order to reflect the contrast within Lithuania, a country with a strong history of agriculture but also a focus on innovation. One cube is dedicated to an exhibition on Lithuanian tradition, while the other focuses on the more technological side of things. On the ground floor, there is an open area for events and traditional Lithuanian food like rye bread, pancakes, and products from family farms and small businesses.

ExpoLithuania_feeldesain_01 ExpoLithuania_feeldesain_02 ExpoLithuania_feeldesain_03OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ExpoLithuania_feeldesain_05 ExpoLithuania_feeldesain_06ExpoLithuania_feeldesain_07 ExpoLithuania_feeldesain_08 ExpoLithuania_feeldesain_09ExpoLithuania_feeldesain_10 ExpoLithuania_feeldesain_11 ExpoLithuania_feeldesain_12 ExpoLithuania_feeldesain_13 ExpoLithuania_feeldesain_14

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