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A Child’s Dream | Vitra collaboration
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A Child’s Dream | Vitra collaboration

This special herd of Eames Elephants was created by 21 of the biggest names in the world of design, including Zandra Rhodes, Philippe Malouin, Russell Pinch and many more. Each designer has taken the simple elephant and added a personal touch – from a fluffy coat to a rocking base to some awesome paint jobs. The elephants were donated by Vitra as part of an initiative called A Child’s Dream, for the charity Teddy’s Wish which supports research into Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and provides support for families who have lost a child to SIDS. Limited numbers of the special elephants were auctioned off in early October and the designs will also appear at designjunction2015.

VitraElephants_feeldesain_01 VitraElephants_feeldesain_02 VitraElephants_feeldesain_03 VitraElephants_feeldesain_04 VitraElephants_feeldesain_05 VitraElephants_feeldesain_06 VitraElephants_feeldesain_07 VitraElephants_feeldesain_08 VitraElephants_feeldesain_09 VitraElephants_feeldesain_10 VitraElephants_feeldesain_11 VitraElephants_feeldesain_12 VitraElephants_feeldesain_13 VitraElephants_feeldesain_14

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