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3D Twin Portrait Figurines | Twindom
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3D Twin Portrait Figurines | Twindom

Looking for an alternative to a traditional portrait? We give you: Twindom – makers of 3D-printed, powdered plaster colour portraits, aka “twins”. The company aims to create a different kind of memory instead of classic photos, and uses 3D printing techniques to do just that. The service is currently only available in Texas, but will be expanding in 2015, and customers have to visit the company in order to have a special 360 degree photoshoot done before their “twin” can be produced. The team behind Twindom has been working together since 2011, and is dedicated to giving people the opportunity to create and share memories with the people that mean most to them. Some examples of the figurines are shown below.

3Dportrait_feeldesain_01 3Dportrait_feeldesain_02 3Dportrait_feeldesain_03 3Dportrait_feeldesain_04 3Dportrait_feeldesain_05 3Dportrait_feeldesain_06 3Dportrait_feeldesain_07

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