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McOrigami | FP7/CAI
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McOrigami | FP7/CAI

Egyptian agency FP7/CAI helped McDonald’s Egypt to encourage creativity amongst its patrons by creating these fun paper tray mats. Each mat is divided into 6 square sections – 5 origamis-to-be, and one square explaining what to do. Each square then needs to be carefully folded in order to make a cow, a potato, a head of lettuce, an egg and a chicken. Once completed, the origami creations can be exchanged for particular items on the McDonald’s menu.

Images: FP7/CAI via Behance

mcorigami_feeldesain_01 mcorigami_feeldesain_02 Hands steps mcorigami_feeldesain_04 mcorigami_feeldesain_05 mcorigami_feeldesain_06 mcorigami_feeldesain_07 mcorigami_feeldesain_08

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