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Catalogue of Life | Marton Borzak
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Catalogue of Life | Marton Borzak

Catalogue of Life was the graduation project of Marton Borzak, a graphic designer from Denmark. As you might imagine from the project’s name, Borzak created a kind of cataloguing system for every item in his life. He divided 111 of his things into various categories – Compulsory, Necessary, and Optional. He photographed the objects, and included them in each section alongside facts about each object. He’s also made a selection of cards relating to each item. His project is unusual and definitely piques your interest. Have a look at some of his catalogue below.


Images: Marton Borzak via Behance

catalogueoflife_feeldesain_01 catalogueoflife_feeldesain_02 catalogueoflife_feeldesain_03 catalogueoflife_feeldesain_04 catalogueoflife_feeldesain_05 catalogueoflife_feeldesain_06 catalogueoflife_feeldesain_07 catalogueoflife_feeldesain_08 catalogueoflife_feeldesain_09 catalogueoflife_feeldesain_10 catalogueoflife_feeldesain_11 catalogueoflife_feeldesain_12 catalogueoflife_feeldesain_13 catalogueoflife_feeldesain_14 catalogueoflife_feeldesain_15 catalogueoflife_feeldesain_16 catalogueoflife_feeldesain_17 catalogueoflife_feeldesain_18 catalogueoflife_feeldesain_19

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