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Arty Taxi Interiors | Taxi Fabric
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Arty Taxi Interiors | Taxi Fabric

Taxi Fabric, based in Mumbai, asks designers to show off their talent and ideas by creating custom interiors for taxis in the city.


In India, taxis are a huge part of culture, and drivers often decorate their vehicles to stand out from the competition, but most of the cars have simple fabric interiors. Designers in India often don’t get the respect and recognition that they deserve, so Taxi Fabric decided to combine the two things, connecting designers with drivers. Local designers have created many unique and colourful interior fabric designs for Mumbai’s taxis so far, all inspired by India. See some of them below, and more on Taxi Fabric’s site.


Images: Taxi Fabric

taxifabric_feeldesain_01 taxifabric_feeldesain_02 taxifabric_feeldesain_03 taxifabric_feeldesain_04 taxifabric_feeldesain_05 taxifabric_feeldesain_06 taxifabric_feeldesain_07 taxifabric_feeldesain_08 taxifabric_feeldesain_09 taxifabric_feeldesain_10 taxifabric_feeldesain_11

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