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You Are Not Banksy | Nick Stern
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You Are Not Banksy | Nick Stern

Back in May, we discovered the brilliant real-life Banksy recreations by Los Angeles-based British photographer Nick Stern. The photographer’s keen eye for detail and photographic admiration for the famed street artist is back with eleven new additions to the ever-growing collection of images in his You Are Not Banksy series. Stern was kind enough to reach out to us with his recently developed creations that continue to three-dimensionally actualize Banksy‘s controversial commentary.

From the child soldier with adult artillery at hand, loaded with crayons in place of bullets, to a corrupt cop snorting his addiction from the gritty ground, Stern manages to capture each iconic, satirical, and politically-driven image to a tee. His reenactments are nearly identical in color, costume, form, and figure to the original stenciled graffiti works. A fun little spectator’s game arises from the juxtaposition of Banksy‘s and Stern’s works, where the viewer finds joy in comparing the two and recognizing the photographer’s truly remarkable attention to detail.

A few new prints from the collection are now available for purchase at Stern’s online store.

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