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Women Portraits | Piotr Czyz
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Women Portraits | Piotr Czyz

Aren’t these pictures beautiful? Piotr Czyz‘s subjects are almost always women, and he photographs them in a personal yet unintrusive way, often focusing on lips, hair, and expressive eyes. His careful use of light make for intimite portraits which will draw you in. See a selection below, and many more on Piotr’s website.Photos: Piotr Czyz

Czyz_feeldesain_01 Czyz_feeldesain_02 Czyz_feeldesain_03 Czyz_feeldesain_04 Czyz_feeldesain_05 Czyz_feeldesain_06 Czyz_feeldesain_07 Czyz_feeldesain_08 Czyz_feeldesain_09 Czyz_feeldesain_10 Czyz_feeldesain_11

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