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Wintercroft Masks | Steve Wintercroft
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Wintercroft Masks | Steve Wintercroft

Still fussing over what to wear for Halloween? Designer Steve Wintercroft has created a series of brilliant three-dimensional mask templates that can be easily constructed with simple tools, cereal boxes and old cardboard found at home.


These masks take about one to four hours to make and they range from geometric designs of animal, skull, pumpkin and a Stormtrooper helmet. Click here to find out more about these masks and to buy it.

Wintercroft_feeldesain_01 Wintercroft_feeldesain_02 Wintercroft_feeldesain_03 Wintercroft_feeldesain_04 Wintercroft_feeldesain_05 Wintercroft_feeldesain_06 Wintercroft_feeldesain_07 Wintercroft_feeldesain_08 Wintercroft_feeldesain_09 Wintercroft_feeldesain_10 Wintercroft_feeldesain_11 Wintercroft_feeldesain_12 Wintercroft_feeldesain_13 Wintercroft_feeldesain_14 Wintercroft_feeldesain_15 Wintercroft_feeldesain_16 Wintercroft_feeldesain_17 Wintercroft_feeldesain_18


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