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Wine Packaging | Roland Peltan-Brosz & Nóra Rohmann
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Wine Packaging | Roland Peltan-Brosz & Nóra Rohmann

Budapest-based designers Roland Peltan-Brosz and Nóra Rohmann are the people behind this stunning packaging redesign for Hungarian wine Csernyik Pince, a small artisan winery in the Márta mountains. Through the packaging, the designers wanted to reflect the summery taste of the wine inside the bottles. After redesigning the logo, they set about hand drawing the landscape which surrounds the vineyard, using coloured inks which make you think of summer, picnics and the countryside.

WinePack_feeldesain_01 WinePack_feeldesain_02 WinePack_feeldesain_03 WinePack_feeldesain_04 WinePack_feeldesain_05 WinePack_feeldesain_06 WinePack_feeldesain_07 WinePack_feeldesain_08 WinePack_feeldesain_09 WinePack_feeldesain_10 WinePack_feeldesain_11 WinePack_feeldesain_12 WinePack_feeldesain_13 WinePack_feeldesain_14 WinePack_feeldesain_15 WinePack_feeldesain_16 WinePack_feeldesain_17 WinePack_feeldesain_18 WinePack_feeldesain_19 WinePack_feeldesain_20

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