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Wes Anderson Film Posters Redesigned | Concepción Studios
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Wes Anderson Film Posters Redesigned | Concepción Studios

These posters are a minimal and retro retake on film posters for Wes Anderson movies. They were created by Concepcion Studios, an award winning California studio which specialises in music-related graphics and has worked for Lady Gaga and MUSE, amongst others. Recently, they’ve also branched out into film posters, and as you can see the results are stylish and unique. The collection includes movie posters for The Life Aquatic, The Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore. The posters are on sale here.

Wes-Anderson-Film-Posters-Redesigned-Feel-desain-05 Wes-Anderson-Film-Posters-Redesigned-Feel-desain-04 Wes-Anderson-Film-Posters-Redesigned-Feel-desain-03 Wes-Anderson-Film-Posters-Redesigned-Feel-desain-02 Wes-Anderson-Film-Posters-Redesigned-Feel-desain-01

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