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Rock Band Icons | Tata & Friends
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Rock Band Icons | Tata & Friends

Madrid based design firm Tata & Friends, after doing some research on icons design, decided to make this tribute to the bands they love. Rock Bands illustrated through the simplest forms of sign in graphic design history: icons. Most of the time pairing two or more icons to make linguistic games. Can you guess the reference?

RBI_alice_in_chains_01_feeldesain RBI_blind_melon_011_feeldesain RBI_green_day_01_feeldesain RBI_guns_roses_01_feeldesain RBI_iron_wine_01_feeldesain RBI_led_zeppelin_01_feeldesain RBI_pantera_01_feeldesain RBI_Pearl_jam_01_feeldesain RBI_QUEEN_01_feeldesain RBI_Radiohead_01_feeldesain RBI_red_hot-chili_peppers_01_feeldesain RBI_rolling-stones_01_feeldesain RBI_sex_pistolsn_01_feeldesain RBI_silver_chair_01_feeldesain RBI_smashing_pumpkins_01_feeldesain RBI_Soda_stereo_01_feeldesain RBI_stone_roses_11_feeldesain RBI_stonetemplepilots_02_feeldesain RBI_the_flaming_lips_01_feeldesain RBI_the_knife_01_feeldesain RBI_the_who_01_feeldesain RBI_thedoors_01_feeldesain RBI_tools_01_feeldesain television_feeldesain


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