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Wedding Photoshoot inspired by “The Little Mermaid”
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Wedding Photoshoot inspired by “The Little Mermaid”

Inspired by the love story of Ariel and Prince Eric, online wedding marketplace Your Cloud Parade produced an amazing The Little Mermaid-themed fantasy wedding photo shoot that blends a “hipster” aesthetic with elements from the Disney film. With the help of a whole creative team, vendors, and the models who portrayed Ariel (Traci Hines), Eric (Leo Camacho), and the bridesmaids, the photographers Mark Brooke and Matt & Molly Snelson brought a fairytale to life in this stylish shoot.


Fans of The Little Mermaid will be delighted by all of the charming details that appear in the faux wedding photos. From the dip-dyed wedding dress, to the mermaid-decorated cake, to the aquatic table settings, to the romantic seaside ceremony, each aspect of the photo shoot is a creative reflection of the beloved children’s tale.


littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_01 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_02 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_03 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_04 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_05 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_06 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_07 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_08 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_09 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_10 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_11 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_12 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_13 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_14 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_15 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_16 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_17 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_18 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_19 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_20 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_21 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_22 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_23 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_24 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_25 littlemermaidwedding_feeldesain_26

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