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Vivid Sydney Light Installations
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Vivid Sydney Light Installations

We first wrote about Vivid Sydney a few days ago when we asked you to watch Urbanscreen’s transformation of the Sydney Opera House and now we have some photos from the whole event. The 18-day extravaganza is all about turning Sydney into a canvas of light, music and ideas. For those of us who can’t make it out there by the closing date of June 11, 2012, we can enjoy these photos from some of the highlights including The Electric Canvas large scale projection of the Customs House and The Buchan Group’s ghostly, subaquatic mapped water projection called sub|version!

“An array of visual geometries and interplays punctuate the narrative and explore the relationship of light, water, perception and the unexpected in this strangely submerged, inverted reality,” said Buchan Group Associate Director Gary Edmonds. “Some elements are intended to nudge at the edge of perception, leaving the viewer unsure what they might have glimpsed, while others are plainly revealed, striving for attention.”

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