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Urbio is a magnetic modular system that allows you attach the pieces to any surface, both indoor and outdoor.There are several types of containers and planters that you can use not only for plants but also for different things. Put these pieces above your table and put inside them all that you need.

Such a vertical garden will make you happy even if you spend hours at your office and don’t go to the countryside. Having a garden may be so simple and comfortable! Vertical gardens are very inspiring and very functional.They basically lift the plants from the ground to the walls. This frees up a lot of floor space and allows you use it for other purposes. Your plants will be beautifully displayed on a vertical surface where you’ll be able to admire them better and to see each one of them in its true beauty.

It’s a great idea, very practical, especially for small homes. Urbio’s vertical garden allows you to add some freshness in your home without having to worry about the space. Having a garden is now easier than ever. The containers have different shapes and sizes thus allowing you to opt for different types of plants or flowers. Moreover, given the simplicity and versatility of these elements, you can include these pieces in any type of décor and in any room of the house. You can also use them outdoors but you should make sure that your plants will be safe.

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