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Urban Romance | Matt Weber
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Urban Romance | Matt Weber

For thirty years, photographer Matt Weber has been capturing candid scenes of romantic passion on the streets of New York City. His Urban Romance collection reveals the numerous tender moments of love that take place between adoring couples throughout the bustling city. Their affection ranges from holding hands or a simple peck on the cheek to amorously locking lips in the middle of a packed subway car.

Weber, who first began documenting New York’s urban life in 1978, found a balance in his images between the recurring evidence of a lonely city and the refreshing, though at times uncomfortable, fiery intimacy on public grounds.
While the details of each anonymous pair’s blissful love story remains unknown, Weber says, “There are so many miserable people. You see a lot of people not looking very content. With happy people, I try not to worry why they’re happy.”

A book featuring a vast collection of Weber’s New York street photography, including images from his Urban Romance set, is currently available to purchase under the title The Urban Prisoner.










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