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Bushfire Aerials
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Bushfire Aerials

The following aerial photos by Melbourne architectural photographer John Gollings depict the devastating aftermath of the Black Saturday fires.

Gollings shot the charred landscape in black and white but was compelled to take one in colour: a rare species of pine that glowed with red ash. ”It’s one of the best photos I’ve ever taken,” Gollings said.

Gollings_090307_D3X_6898pma (GOOD) Gollings_090307_D3X_6648pma Gollings_090307_D3X_6354willow Gollings_090307_D3X_6305nosharp Gollings_090307_D3X_6269willow 090307_D3X_6214marion v2 Gollings_090307_D3X_6155willow Gollings_090307_D3X_6141marion Gollings_090307_D3X_6116willow

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