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Up Coffee App | Jawbone
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Up Coffee App | Jawbone

Americans don’t sleep enough: according to the CDC, 35 percent of adults report they get less than the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Jawbone today is launching an app that tries to tackle one of the biggest reasons we don’t sleep — caffeine. Up Coffee is an app that lets you track how much caffeine you consume in coffee, soda, and other foods, and shows you how it will affect your sleep.

The home screen of the app has a large beaker that fills up with beads as you log the caffeinated things you consume. The library of foods and beverages is fairly comprehensive, including fancy frappuccino drinks and basic sodas like Diet Coke.Throughout the day, the amount of caffeine in the beaker will deteriorate in real time as it leaves your body — but log that extra cup of coffee you drank mid-afternoon, and it will spike again. Just using the amount of caffeine you take in, the app tells you how “wired” you are and when you’re safe to go to sleep without the caffeine affecting you. There’s also a view that shows you how long it takes for your body to expend all the caffeine, and it’s sobering to see that even the smallest amount could take an entire day or more to leave your system.

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