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United for Healthier Kids | Ogilvy Paris & Nestlé
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United for Healthier Kids | Ogilvy Paris & Nestlé

Ogilvy Paris has joined forces with the Nestlé Healthy Kids Global Program and Mexican campaign Unidos Por Niños Saludables (United for Healthier Kids) in order to come up with a solution to childhood obesity, particularly in Mexico, the country with the highest obesity rate in the world and the first predicted to have a generation of children who would live shorter lives than their parents as a result. The agency developed the idea behind a reality TV show called Hermosa Esperanza for families trying to change their lifestyles, and even came up with this incredible selection of 14 unique tools to help making healthy eating more fun for kids. The selection includes an arm-wrestling juicer, colourful plates helping parents adapt portion sizes to the ages of their kids, maracas which shakes away fat, and even a lunchbox which turns into a skipping rope. These brightly coloured gadgets should help educate kids and their parents about healthy eating in a fun way. Check out the images below.

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