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Cuter on the Internet | Maximilliam Mauracher for Eva Zar
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Cuter on the Internet | Maximilliam Mauracher for Eva Zar

Vienna-based graphic designer and art director Maximilliam Mauracher‘s 70-page portfolio for fashion designer Eva Zar is named Cuter on the Internet, after one of Zar’s collections. A tongue-in-cheek take on how the internet is taking over everything, even including classic magazines, the portfolio takes the form of a huge, printed MacBook and within its pages, the designer’s work is presented as it would be on a screen. We’re not sure the internet in book form is something that’s going to catch on, but the creative idea definitely makes the designer stand out from the crowd.

CuterInternet_feeldesain_01 CuterInternet_feeldesain_02 CuterInternet_feeldesain_03 CuterInternet_feeldesain_04 CuterInternet_feeldesain_05 CuterInternet_feeldesain_06 CuterInternet_feeldesain_07 CuterInternet_feeldesain_08 CuterInternet_feeldesain_09 CuterInternet_feeldesain_10 CuterInternet_feeldesain_11 CuterInternet_feeldesain_12 CuterInternet_feeldesain_13 CuterInternet_feeldesain_14 CuterInternet_feeldesain_15 CuterInternet_feeldesain_16 CuterInternet_feeldesain_17 CuterInternet_feeldesain_18 CuterInternet_feeldesain_19 CuterInternet_feeldesain_20

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