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Typeworks | Silvia Baz
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Typeworks | Silvia Baz

Typeworks is a series of prints showing all the letters of the alphabet. It was created by graphic designer Silvia Baz, who was inspired by Goethe’s famous quote “The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes”. The prints are made up with black dots of different sizes and show single letters on what seem like either white or black backgrounds.  The mind boggling thing about these particular prints is that when you’re standing close to them, it’s very difficult to make out the shape of the letter, but if you back away a little, they’re extremely clear, like a peculiar optical illusion. Have a look for yourself.

Typeworks_feeldesain_01 Typeworks_feeldesain_02 Typeworks_feeldesain_03 Typeworks_feeldesain_04 Typeworks_feeldesain_05 Typeworks_feeldesain_06 Typeworks_feeldesain_07 Typeworks_feeldesain_08 Typeworks_feeldesain_09

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