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Tres Hermanas House
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Tres Hermanas House

This project seeks to fulfill the desire shared by three sisters. A home built in the landscape and tradition of the area, environmental friendly and full of corners to enjoy.
This refuge is generated from three independent units, three sisters and their families, three cottages with great views and good guidance but also with a certain intimacy between them. Three houses together but no riots, a field, a common courtyard, a place to fit all the cousins, a place to fit all friends.
As housing architectural object is to merge with the surrounding landscape, a valley of vineyards and olive groves, making clear its geometry confusing and expectant materiality, pending a more contextual determinants of herself. An uninhibited architecture that awaits to transform over time, as the sun is coming back gray facades and signs are appearing of a joyful life.

Architecture: Blancafort-Reus Arquitectura

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