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Transform Famous Landmarks Using Paper Cutouts
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Transform Famous Landmarks Using Paper Cutouts

Photographer Rich McCor, a.k.a. Paperboyo, has made for Disney, ( as a promotion of Disney Life UK app), a series of art creations playing with the heroes of animation of very well known films.

Funny-Disney-Characters-Paper-Cutouts7-900x506 Funny-Disney-Characters-Paper-Cutouts6-900x765 Funny-Disney-Characters-Paper-Cutouts5-900x589 Funny-Disney-Characters-Paper-Cutouts4-900x581 Funny-Disney-Characters-Paper-Cutouts3-900x506 Funny-Disney-Characters-Paper-Cutouts2-900x545 Funny-Disney-Characters-Paper-Cutouts1-900x620

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