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Tour de Shapes: A Journey Between Cycling & Design
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Do you like cycling? Almost everyone lives with a passion to drive and ride on one’s own. Add love for graphic design and tah-dah… Tour de Shapes!

Tour De Shapes is a journey between cycling and design and it starts by taking inspiration from the millions of people all over the world riding their bikes through cities or impressive landscapes, alone or in group, to escape or to commute.

The result is a series of limited edition posters. Inspired by Modernism, abided to a strict and structured grid system with an emphasis on elementary shapes, bold colours and negative space. Always changing. Always evolving.

La Cuisine de Champions #2

Every poster is designed by Manchester-based Sabato Urciuoli. Tour de Shapes is 50 limited edition, signed in pencil, high-quality digital printed posters that can be purchased in a series or as a single artwork. Take a look at the website to see the complete list!

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