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Hello Ruby Branding | Kokoro & Moi
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Hello Ruby Branding | Kokoro & Moi

Hello Ruby is an art project turned cool computing brand for kids, which encourages youngsters to learn about tech and coding. The brand identity and website design for Hello Ruby has been developed by Kokoro & Moi, and is playful and curious looking, just like the brand itself. The creative agency settled on using a huge range of bright colours, and even created a custom font for the project (Hello Ruby Cutout). What do you think?


Images: Kokoro & Moi via Creative Boom

HelloRuby_feeldesain_01 HelloRuby_feeldesain_02 HelloRuby_feeldesain_03 HelloRuby_feeldesain_04 HelloRuby_feeldesain_05 HelloRuby_feeldesain_06 HelloRuby_feeldesain_07

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