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Too Much Time Again
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Too Much Time Again

Too Much Time, Again is a thread installation by Los Angeles-based artist Pae White that stems from her own experiences with insomnia. White’s spatial project is a culmination of the artist’s affinity for working with fragile materials and her development of sleep deprivation. The large-scale structure echoes one’s endless stream of thoughts when they are robbed of a good night’s rest and come face to face with too much time to themselves.

The installation geometrically spells out the words “TIGER TIME” on one wall and criss-crosses with a parade of strands that connect to the word “UNMATTERING” on the opposite surface. The supergraphic text both emerges and dissolves, depending on which direction the viewer chooses to follow the flow of thread. The words and color scheme of the installation both reflect White’s period of insomnia. The artist uses a black and purple color palette inspired by heavy metal rock band Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality album cover, which was a “dangerous stack” kept under her bed, to reiterate a personal connection to the piece’s inspiration.

Too Much Time, Again is currently on display at the South London Gallery through May 12, 2013.

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