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The whole force in small size | LEGO
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The whole force in small size | LEGO

I never thought Lego would officially recognize how sharp its products are, but this ad for the Star Wars playset series does exactly that—with help from the dark side of the Force.

Little Vaders, of course, have a history of advertising success, though here the Sith Lord is somewhat less charming as he ruins a father’s clandestine midnight snack run.

lego_star_wars_ the_whole_force_in_small_size_feeldesain_2

lego_star_wars_ the_whole_force_in_small_size_feeldesain_3

lego_star_wars_ the_whole_force_in_small_size_feeldesain_4

lego_star_wars_ the_whole_force_in_small_size_feeldesain_5

lego_star_wars_ the_whole_force_in_small_size_feeldesain_6

lego_star_wars_ the_whole_force_in_small_size_feeldesain_7

lego_star_wars_ the_whole_force_in_small_size_feeldesain_8

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