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Charlotte Casiraghi for Gucci | Forever Now Campaign
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Charlotte Casiraghi for Gucci | Forever Now Campaign

If you’d just been chosen to collaborate with one of fashion’s most respected houses over the next 2 years, on a series of campaigns that’ll be shot by some of the world’s most respected photographers, you may well be wishing that now really would last forever and ever! But respecting the epicality (new word we’re trying out), of your new role, we’re certain you’d understand that this title reflects a desire to highlight the houses ability to balance timelessness, and contemporary relevance.

We’re talking Frida Giannini, and obviously we’re talking Gucci. The brands Creative Director has enlisted royalty in the form of the beautiful Charlotte Casiraghi, as the protagonist in this series of sittings which celebrate the House’s most renowned Icons. The first of these is the signature green and red stripe motif, which was re-appropriated by Guccio Gucci, from the girth strap of the horses saddle and first applied as a luggage detailing in 1950’s. Fittingly, Frida first developed a relationship with Charlotte, as a result of their ‘shared passion for horses’ explaining how Casiraghi ‘not only embodies the beauty and the grace of the equestrian, but is also a wonderful ambassador for the sport. While designing her riding wardrobe I have gained a appreciation for her innate ability to combine family traditions with a uniquely modern attitude’. And thus, the perfect collaboration, completed by the remarkable Peter Lindbergh was born. The enclosed film, goes some way to explain the trio’s fascinating creative process.


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