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The Wald Lamp | Feltmark
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The Wald Lamp | Feltmark

The Wald lamp, produced by Feltmark in LA is a versatile floor lamp which has been stripped down to its most essential parts. The bent-aluminium lamp, available in different sizes and colours, is designed to be attached directly to the socket without a base and almost looks as if it is levitating. Simple but effective, we love it.

WaldLamp_feeldesain_01 WaldLamp_feeldesain_02 WaldLamp_feeldesain_03 WaldLamp_feeldesain_04 WaldLamp_feeldesain_05 WaldLamp_feeldesain_06 WaldLamp_feeldesain_07 WaldLamp_feeldesain_08 WaldLamp_feeldesain_09 WaldLamp_feeldesain_10 WaldLamp_feeldesain_11 WaldLamp_feeldesain_12

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