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The Secret Life of Heroes | Grégoire Guillemin
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The Secret Life of Heroes | Grégoire Guillemin

Born by the mind of the French artist Grégoire Guillemin, these hilarious illustrations show superheroes how you’ve never seen them: in everyday life. From brushing their teeth to shaving their armpit, through picking their nose and drinking or smoking. The best illustrations are the ones where the hero or heroine is acting completely out of character like Winnie Pooh drinking beer or Wonder Woman stuffing her bra.

theSecretLifeOfSuperheroes_Feeldesain_01 theSecretLifeOfSuperheroes_Feeldesain_02 theSecretLifeOfSuperheroes_Feeldesain_03 theSecretLifeOfSuperheroes_Feeldesain_04 theSecretLifeOfSuperheroes_Feeldesain_05 theSecretLifeOfSuperheroes_Feeldesain_06 theSecretLifeOfSuperheroes_Feeldesain_08 theSecretLifeOfSuperheroes_Feeldesain_09 theSecretLifeOfSuperheroes_Feeldesain_10 theSecretLifeOfSuperheroes_Feeldesain_11 theSecretLifeOfSuperheroes_Feeldesain_12 theSecretLifeOfSuperheroes_Feeldesain_13

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