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The Jyrobike
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The Jyrobike

Learning to ride a bike is a part of our childhood that few of us will forget. There were probably grazed knees, tears and tantrums, and then finally a feeling of elation after passing from a tricycle to stabilisers to two wheels. Some of us – particularly those with older siblings who were already whizzing around on their bicycles – would have loved to be able to just get on our bikes and go. Jyrobike was invented just for that purpose, and parents can now teach their kids how to cycle in just one afternoon rather than over the course of months. This very special bicycle keeps the rider upright and doesn’t let them fall off, even when they lean or wobble. So… how!? Well, as the name suggests, the Jyrobike uses gyroscope technology in the front wheel (the battery powered, rechargable “control hub”) to provide a stabilising force. The inventors of the Jyrobike are now even working on an adult version, so if you’ve never learned to ride a bike, you could soon start easily and with no risk of injury. The project was originally launched on Kickstarter, and after getting enough funding is now in the production stages and taking pre-orders. Find out more on Jyrobike’s website.

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