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The Hero’s Journey | Iskander Krayenbosch
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The Hero’s Journey | Iskander Krayenbosch

A fun video for you now, animated and directed by Iskander Krayenbosch. The Hero’s Journey was the Dutch motion designer’s graduation project for his Image and Media Technology degree at HKU, and tells the story of the 12 stages of any fantasy hero’s story through popular movie figures that you’ll certainly recognise. The video features a flat, graphic style and is well done. Check it out below.

HeroJourney_feeldesain_01 HeroJourney_feeldesain_02 HeroJourney_feeldesain_03 HeroJourney_feeldesain_04 HeroJourney_feeldesain_05 HeroJourney_feeldesain_06 HeroJourney_feeldesain_07 HeroJourney_feeldesain_08 HeroJourney_feeldesain_09 HeroJourney_feeldesain_10 HeroJourney_feeldesain_11 HeroJourney_feeldesain_12 HeroJourney_feeldesain_13 HeroJourney_feeldesain_14 HeroJourney_feeldesain_15 HeroJourney_feeldesain_16

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