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The Harukoyomi Sticking Calendar
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The Harukoyomi Sticking Calendar

In what can only be called the most brilliant use of masking tape ever, a Japanese stationary store has come out with rolls of tape that turn any notebook into a calendar or planner.

The Harukoyomi, or Sticking Calendar, was developed by Japanese stationery shop icco nico, and is perfect for when you just want to convert a single page in your notebook into a calendar. Simply align the 2 rolls of tape (the set comes with 1 role for dates 1 roll for days of the week, in Japanese) to create a day-by-day calendar of the month. In fact, the tape allows ultimate customization: you can create 1 week calendar, or any period you need.

The masking tape is 1000 cm (33 ft) long and, according to calculations, is enough for more than 4 years worth of planning. And they come in either landscape or portrait orientation.  Icco nico is planning to release the Sticking Calendar on December 5, 2016. You’ll be able to order them online through their Amazon shop for 680 yen (about $6) each.

via [ Spoon Tamango ]

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